Monday, October 13, 2008

After all the hassle...

I recently got a new laptop and the McAfee Antivirus Software that came with it expired this past Saturday (10/11). I went home over the weekend and installed this antivirus software recommended to me (Avira) and I paid for a year's subscription (for better protection). It worked fine until I came back on campus Sunday night and found out that only McAfee, Symantec, Norton or AVG are recognized as valid antivirus programs (in order to use your computer in the residence halls).

Now, I knew the only real solution was to uninstall the antivirus I took the effort to pay for and install Symantec which is provided free by DU. I know this since I've had Symantec in previous years at Dominican. But I didn't want to jump into action and uninstall an antivirus program I paid for. Though it wasn't much compared to other antivirus programs that overprice; I hate paying for something and not being able to use it.

It turns out that I was right in my assumption (after getting it checked out today) - I needed to uninstall Avira and download Symantec. But once I graduate from Dominican, I'm going back to Avira since my impression is that Symantec is only available for free for students (and the rest of the DU community). The lesson: don't bother trying to install antivirus software that isn't on the list of Dominican's accepted antivirus programs. I'm still unhappy about it, but at least the solution was simple.

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