Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tonight, my fellow DU students....Joe Nava and Lisa Wieczorek....and I filmed our first ever WCGR News show. The show was an over all success. I wish DU had or own TV station so that my friends, peers and fellow Dominican students would be able to view our newscasts on a campus TV station. Unfortunately, only Concordia students will see us on their cable network. While DU students will be able to view us via the website...which will come at a later date.. I really hope that the administration at Dominican will seriously CONSIDER adding a MEDIA development program IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

CU's media equipment is SERIOUSLY out of date and I feel that DU should invest money in a news station. Writers for the STAR are not all journalism majors. I believe that many students, irregardless of their declared major, would be interested in a DU News/TV STATION. Please consider this, blog readers, as it is something very dear to me. I feel that this should be taken seriously by the deans as they may have some input as to whether or not DU will have a potential media center.

Thank you.

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  1. The media center could be hooked up to the TVs in the classrooms, Cyber, Lewis Link, Dining Hall, 'Grill', and ResHalls through the network. They can then be used to efficiently pass on information from DU happenings/advertisements during the 'break period' on Tuesday/Thursday (2:15-3:30), or even emergency information, especially since not many students get cell phone service enough to receive the text message alerts that have been suggested as an emergency communication plan.