Monday, October 6, 2008

Megan Vaccaro, An Athlete You Should Know

Megan Vaccaro has been making a name for herself on the Women’s Cross Country team. Now she is close to putting her name in the conference record books.
Vaccaro, a 4’11” junior from Oswego, was recently named NAC Student Athlete of the week for women’s cross country in two consecutive weeks. Vaccaro stated that she was surprised to learn about winning the awards. She didn’t find out about them from a call from a coach or an official, but from visiting Dominican’s athletics website. “That was really cool,” Vaccaro said of her awards.
Vaccaro also has a shot at breaking an NAC record. She has been coming very close to the best time in a 6k race. In a recent race, she posted the second best time of any runner in the NAC’s three year history. “I would love to break that [record],” Vaccaro said. As for the runner who currently holds the record, Vaccaro says, “I’ve got my eyes on her.”
Vaccaro has become quite an accomplished runner. However, that was not always her goal. In high school she wanted to play other sports. When she did try out for cross country, she was not sure if it would work out. “I was the only freshman girl but I stuck with it…I like challenging myself,” she said. Vaccaro is grateful for sticking with cross country, stating that her teams have been like a second family to her. “Most of my friends I met through running,” she said. However, Vaccaro does wish that the cross country team had more support on campus. “People don’t really know we exist,” she said. She also stated that it’s sometimes hard to compete with larger teams because the Dominican team doesn’t have as many runners. Still, Vaccaro feels that with her dedication, these obstacles can be overcome. “Hard work always pays off,” she said. “It’s not luck, it’s hard work.”
(Photo courtesy of Dominican Athletics Page

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