Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A different way to teach

Many professors use lecture as their primary forms of educating. Others prefer class discussion or the use of visual aid. In one specific communications course, the instructor prefers not to show up at all.

The class is Interpersonal Communication. The professor is Ric Calabrese. Every few class periods, Calabrese breaks the students into small groups and has them teach themselves. That is, one student is chosen as the facilitator and Calabrese doesn't come to class that day. Is he lazy? Maybe, but the more appropriate guess would be that Calabrese feels that by not coming to class, his students will be more open and candid with the discussion.

It is an interesting approach to teaching, and so far seems to be surprisingly effective. Students still show up and have a decent discussion about the topic at hand. Of course, cutting the class short by 15 minutes never hurt anyone so these students may or may not have taken this liberty. Still, the class period is by no means wasted and seems to be educational.

It is safe to say that Professor Calabrese learned something in his umpteen years of teaching. While this may not be the most orthodox way of educating the youth of our nation, it seems to give students a different perspective about college and education in general.

Or he could be lazy.

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