Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ghana: Gateway to Africa

Next week, the students who participated in Dominican's second study abroad program to Ghana, Africa will be giving presentations about their experiences. It will be held in Lewis 310, October 14 at 2:15 p.m.

I was one of the students who went on the first Ghanaian study abroad two summers ago, and giving this same presentation last year was a wonderful outlet to share about the unknown treasures and beauty that the continent has to offer.

If you've ever been curious about Africa, I highly recommend attending your fellow students' presentation.

These are some photos from my trip overseas:

The Dominican students pose for a photo op after having lunch with Ghana's Parliament.

Ghanaian schoolgirls

A tour guide teaches us students about African textiles at the University of Ghana

The students and teachers, dressed in traditional wraps, take photos with a high Priest and high Priestess in the Klikor region of Ghana

Me with some Ghanaian children who live in the compound lead by the above Priest and Priestess

Young boys demonstrate their silk weaving techniques on crude looms.

Taking a nature walk of several miles to see the Wli Waterfall

Me with cutie Ghanaian babies we encountered on the trail

Our group in the mesmerizing Wli Waterfall

At Tamale, in the northern region of Ghana which is primarily Muslim, we met the ladies of the Women's Shea Butter Extract Plant.

Ever wonder where your shea butter from The Body Shop comes from? Right here.

We attended a drum/dance session in Larabanga, dancing and celebrating with the locals

Darleisha, on the right, is a Chicago Public Schools teacher. Here she poses with David, headmaster of the Larabanga School, in front of his classroom

Professor Nkuzi Nnam, down to his last few dollars, is still tempted to buy more things from the street vendors banging on our tour bus windows

Tour guide shows us the dungeons where enslaved Africans were held at the Cape Coast Castle

Mariya Kozlova and I drink fresh coconut, purchased on the side of the road through our tour bus window

The beautiful Cape Coast beach

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Charlotte!! Makes me want to go back :)