Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Donate Clothing and Get Something In Return

The Clothing Swap, an event put together by Resident Assistants Jamie Zwijack and Stephanie Foley, allows residents to donate clothes that they don't wear or don't want as well as giving them a chance to find something for themselves out of the items there.

Residents can donate any clothing, accessories or shoes and then come to the event in the Coughlin Commons Resource Room (the CCMPR) Thursday, Dec. 4th, from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. to sort through what's there on the tables. Everything will be sorted by gender and size.

It's a chance to get free clothing/accessories/shoes as a reward for donating clothing.

"It's nice to know you're donating to charity but you can also come and find new things for yourself." says Jamie Zwijack on what she hopes people will get out of the event.

There will be bins available in the Coughlin Commons starting Monday, Dec. 1 through Wed., Dec. 4 for residents to drop off clothing items.

The ultimate goal, according to Zwijack, is to donate clothes to charity. Any leftover items will be donated to charity.

The Clothing Swap did take place last year, but a publicity mix-up caused the event to go forward mostly through word of mouth. Also, it was through Resident Student Association as a Hall Rep program. This year, the two RAs are doing it as one of the programs that RAs have to do each semester (6 programs each semester).

The people who did come and participate last year thought it was a really cool idea despite the last minute publicity. Zwijack is hoping that this year with publicity up earlier, that this clothing swap will be an improvement over last year's.

Clothing items that are gently used or not worn at all are preferred. Zwijack said that any roughly used clothing (i.e. stains are on them) will probably not be laid out on the table, but may be donated to charity.

Rather than just dropping off clothes to donate to charity - who hasn't seen the bin near the Commons desk allowing people to do just that? - the Clothing Swap goes a step further.
Zwijack hopes this will bring people together through coming to the event and "find[ing] new treasures" as the flier says.

Last year, most of the items were scarfs, hats, gloves and a couple pairs of shoes.

The timing of this event (right after the upcoming break) is to give residents a chance to dig stuff out from the back of their closets during Thanksgiving break. That'll make room for clothing received at Christmas...

And though that task of sorting through clothes in your closet might not be fun, at least you know you'll be doing a good thing by donating to charity. The Holiday Season is upon us, after all.


  1. I don't know how I feel about obtaining an article of clothing or accessory from another student that didn't want it anymore. Wouldn't that be awkward if your new fashion statement belonged to the kid that sits next to you in class? But, hey! They say one person's trash is another person's treasure!!

  2. I would have to agree, though most of the items were scarfs, hats and gloves last year. If it were something like that, I don't see that as awkward as clothes that aren't outerwear.

    And I keep seeing nearly empty clothing donation boxes - maybe this spin on it will work, maybe not.

    With the way it is now, I'm not sure if the call for people to donate new/gently used clothing items for charity (and that's it) is effective enough. An event put on focused around this - getting people to actively participate - may be a step toward improving that.

  3. Yeah I find clothes swapping in reall life hard because I want to give an item away then I see it on someone else that really loves it and I'm like "Oh I kind of really like it again"
    But apart from that its heaps of fun especially having a girls night in swap party! with heaps of fashion! YAY!