Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Avoiding the subs at the Cyber comes to an end

After growing sick of the subs at the Cyber Cafe last year, I couldn't even look at them this semester and chose the pizzas or the dining hall food over it. Too many times last year I went and ordered the Philly Chicken sub to the point where I really rather not eat that anymore.

This year, a friend of mine said they chose the subs over pizzas because the wait wasn't as long. Logically, it takes longer for the pizzas to be made. But the only reason I opted for the pizza was due to the fact that I could eat it without contemplating throwing it out.

Yesterday (Tuesday), after my 5:30 P.M. night class, I had no choice but to order a sub. I had missed dinner in the dining hall, and two hours before the Cyber closed - there were no pizzas. This may have had something to do with this being right before Thanksgiving break, so maybe traffic was expected to be decreased?

I know at least one friend of mine who was planning to hightail it out of here right after night class Tuesday. I told him I was planning to get something from the Cyber for a late dinner. He said he'd just get something from McDonald's on his way back home. I probably would too if I had the option - I do like their crispy chicken sandwiches...

But despite the sometimes not so great selection in the dining hall, I prefer going there because at least there are more options - it's not just a sub/pizza with chips or fruit. Though a few times, the only thing worth eating was the potatoes or quesadillas; there's always salad. You can't really mess up salad, right?

The Cyber was open until 2 P.M. because of Thanksgiving break and they had limited options (sausage/pepperoni pizza or turkey/ham & swiss sub). I could have ordered a pizza, but I just went with a sub again. I'm guessing months of avoiding the subs has done its job - my appetite for them has returned. The subs are better in moderation though - I really don't think it's a good idea to eat them often during the week because you will grow tired of them.

Anne Marie Barrett, a senior at Dominican, weighs in on what she has heard from others on the food at the Cyber.


  1. I live way out of town and was still here on Wed. Oct. 26. I went to the Cyber Cafe at a little before 1 p.m. and they said they didn't have ANYTHING and were closing. They were about to turn off the lights. I said, "You're open until 2 p.m." They said the "kitchen upstairs" forgot to order anything for them today.

    Forgot to order, or is the Cyber Cafe playing the blame game because it just didn't think it important to order food for a few people?

    Um, I think I'm paying for this meal plan. I can at least expect there to be food offered when it's supposed to be.

  2. I went to the Cyber a little after noon that Wednesday and luckily, I was able to get a sub. The supply was very limited though.

    My friend went right before they closed at 2 PM and she said that no one was there and the lights were off. Though I'm sure anyone would want to get an early start on a couple days off of work, for those with meal plans - it's a lost chance to make use of them.

    And then consider the fact that the dining hall wasn't open at all that day - the Cyber was the only option if you wanted to use your meal plan. Looks like you had to get there around noon or earlier to get food.