Monday, September 29, 2008

Study Abroad.....At Home!

DU is all about studying abroad. Many of the values this school was founded upon involve having an open mind to those of other cultures and religions. Because of this, we have many programs that can take student to Milan, London, Ghana, and......Montana?

Yes, even those who have a fear of flying can share in study abroad opportunities, well, perhaps study domestically would be more appropriate. As well as our over seas trips, Dominican also offers several service learning programs in the good ol' U.S. of A. Next semester, yours truly will be headed to Montana is conjunction with Theology 381, a Native American religion course. During the 15 day trip, we will be camping and helping out at several Native American reservations. At around $200 per student, this two week domestic study is a shorter, and cheaper, alternative to some of its foreign counterparts. Plus, it fufills both a theology and multicultural requirement. Not bad, huh?

So if you are moy malo at a foreign language or just can't seem to rack up the cash, look into a study abroad that may not be so abroad. It's bound to be just as educational and awesome as anything you can get by plane.

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