Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Thoughts on SGA

This afternoon I was talking to my friend, we'll call her "Claire", about last week's Student Government Association elections. I found that the information she told me was very disappointing. Apparently, the 2008-2009 president elected is a sophomore girl. (The candidates ran for positions last semester and were elected but additional positions still need to be filled.) Now I asked myself, "How can a sophomore be elected president of the student government?"

"Claire" then told me that no one had run against her and that's how the freshman claimed victory. In addition to that, there was still a significantly large number of SGA positions still open that no one was interested in last semester.

Why are Dominican Students not interested in SGA? SGA is the voice of the student body. Wouldn't you think that a large number of students would like to make life on campus better for us all? In addition, wouldn't you think that seniors or juniors that were in SGA the previous year(s) would be running for president rather than a freshman going into her sophomore year??

What's going on with SGA?

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