Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Major Websites

Did you know there are websites for each individual major offered by the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences? Most of these sites either link to a main department (such as communications or psychology for example) or are simply informative pages detailing requirements and contacts for each major.

But one site cuts above the rest: The Art department. Aside from having a beautifully designed site with links to contact information, a gallery and a study abroad link for their European programs, the site also prominently features beautiful artwork by a Dominican student on the homepage. There are even links to individual pages on art department faculty members where visitors can learn about the professors and catch up on their recent work. It is by far the best site for any program at Dominican I've seen thus far. Perhaps other majors should follow their example and spruce up their websites a bit?

Department of Art, Art History and Design website

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