Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top ten places to study on campus

Having trouble studying in your dorm room or at home? Luckily, there are several areas on campus that are excellent for studying, based on your individual study habits and needs.


10. The Old Library

Internet access available. So quiet, it's unsettling. The lighting is pretty dim overall, if you aren't near one of the few lamps. Good for hardcore studying.

9. The Clock Lobby

Comfortable furniture, very relaxing. Possibly distracting because area is generally crowded and people are constantly walking past. Internet access is spotty, at best.

8. Secluded areas of the Library

Secluded, quiet. Not much traffic. Lots of natural light during the day. Very private area. There aren't very many of these spots so you might have to fight for it. It's well worth the fight. Internet access is obviously available. Great view...potentially distracting view?

7. The Library

Usually quiet. Internet access and a few PCs available. Printing is very accessible. Good for working in groups. Lighting is good. People walking through can be distracting, especially walking up and down the spiral staircase.

6. The Cyber Cafe

PCs and internet access available. Crowded and loud. TVs are always on. High activity level. PCs usually occupied during the day. People getting food can be distracting. Printing is very accessible.

5. Area near the racquetball courts

Newly furnished. Furniture is comfortable. Lighting is good. Internet access not available. Some traffic. Potentially noisy area.

4. The Old Grill Area

Internet access available. Variety of tables, chairs, and couches. Comfortable furniture. Good for studying in groups. Not a lot of traffic anymore. Four PCs available.

3. The Area near the Bookstore, between the Gym and the Old Grill

Although people pass by, area is usually quiet. Internet access...sometimes. Lots of natural light. Windows might be distracting. Close to the vending machines. Might hear activity going on in the gym, depending on the time of day.

2. The Tech Center

Can be loud or quiet, depending on the time of day. More crowded than not. Both macs and PCs available. Tech support available if needed. Printing very accessible. Good lighting. Not a lot of desk space. Not a lot of privacy.

Or if you're a resident...

1. The Lounge Areas

Lounge areas are available in all of the residence halls. Generally quiet. Some are more secluded than others. Internet jacks available. Must be a resident.Good lighting. Controllable AC and heating in Centennial.Some traffic because people go in there to use their phones.

Hope studying goes well. Good luck, colleagues.


  1. Great post! Very creative and I love the photos.

  2. This is such a great idea! Great post, Amy!

  3. Love this post. I utilize the tech center or if I need my space I'll go to the Dominican Star office. Love it there.

  4. I love your relentless pursuit of the non-distracting spaces! I'll say it again: Monotask! It's hard to do one thing well amid too much clutter, physical and mental -- but let's not give up on it just yet. Meanwhile when you're done studying I'd encourage you to check out an article in the Atlantic Monthly magazine from July/August 2008. It's entitled "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" and I say this even as I post from my Google account and hope Santa brings me a Blackberry for Christmas although I haven't been entirely good.