Wednesday, November 12, 2008

more on Officer Training

To go along with Megan's post (directly below this one), it seems silly that Student Involvement requires club officers (who are busy enough as it is) to attend Officer Training sessions.

I feel that if Student Involvement is going to make a fuss about students attending, then the sessions should at least teach club officers and members something useful. ie. How to update myDU pages!

I'm serious. I was skimming through the different clubs' myDU pages today and, sadly, MOST of them haven't been updated in the last year at all. There is even a page for Dominican's cheerleading team (FYI Dominican doesn't even have a cheerleading team anymore...and hasn't since last year). MyDU is a tool that I think club officers could use to their advantage, but obviously don't.

All in all, like I said above, it's a bit ridiculous to force students to attend these meetings during such a busy time of year. But, if it must happen, Student Involvement should at least focus on teaching club officers something that could actually be of use to the students for their clubs. And by the looks of it, the myDU pages should probably be a top priority.

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