Monday, November 10, 2008

Continued acts of vandalism in Cenntenial Hall

The handle on one of the doors between Centennial 2 and the stairwell was unscrewed and taken Saturday night.

“Nothing was broken; there weren’t even splinters in the wood,” said Jamie Zwijack, RA on Centennial 2. “It is not an obvious act of damage, but the door handle is missing."

Vandalism has been out of control this year in Centennial Hall. There are holes in the walls, light fixtures have been damaged and fire extinguishers have been tampered with.

“Although acts of vandalism may seem funny at the time, it’s a big hassle for residence life, security, and maintenance,” Zwijack said. “It also becomes a hassle for students when they end up being charged for it.”

It’s unfortunate that everyone ends up suffering because of one or two students’ behaviors. Money that is supposed to be going towards my tuition and textbooks ends up going towards fixing these damages, and that really isn't fair.

Maybe Residence Life could tighten up security in the res halls or maybe some residents just need a reality check. Maybe both need to happen. Either way, I hope that these incidents are taken seriously by res. life, as they end up affecting all of the residents in Centennial.


  1. I saw a security guard walking around with a door handle..... I guess that's where it came from!

  2. Find out who they are, beat 'em up, and steal their lunch money. It's a shame that residents are taking the flack for pranksters!