Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When students don't show...

Last Friday, the Campus Activities Board sponsored a concert featuring the Plan 9 in the quad. The band was really talented and it was an overall good time, but there was one problem: no one showed up.

Throughout the year, many organizations such as the Office of Student Involvement and CAB sponsor musical events on campus. This year, I am on the e-board of CAB and so my perspective is different than last year. On the inside, these organizations work hard and put a lot of time and money into getting musicians to perform here. On the outside, the performances can seem bland and the music does not appeal to the majority of the student body. Realistically, the student body barely shows up at all.

Everybody means well, and even though I am a big fan of campus organizations, I wonder how well they are actually responding to the tastes and preferences of the students. It is the student body that they should be representing, after all. I don't feel that the majority of the students' preferences are taken into consideration, rather it seems to be a select few who choose what kind of music they would want at DU.

I'm not saying this is anyone's fault. I don't know if the students just aren't voicing their opinions enough or it's that the organizations just aren't listening. Maybe it's both. Either way, the two don't seem to be communicating enough with each other.

What are your opinions on this?

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