Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The relationship between Dominican and ELS students...or lack thereof

Students enrolled in Calabrese's global communication class are required to spend a certain number of hours with the ELS students. The students can go out to eat, see a movie or anything else, as long as the two groups are hanging out. Sounds like easy homework, doesn't it?

ELS director, Lee Fair really appreciates efforts like these that help ELS students interact with Dominican students. Because otherwise, the interaction is limited.

"It's not anyone's fault," Fair said, "but the opportunity just doesn't arise on its own. Sometimes it has to be forced."

I wish I could confindently say that Dominican, as a whole, is inclusive of the ELS students, but I haven't even met a single ELS student since I've been here. When I interviewed Fair a few weeks back, he showed me a calender full of events planned for the ELS students. Dominican students are invited to their events, but no one really knows about them. And it works both ways; they are invited to our events, but they don't know much about them either.

Yeah, they are eight blocks away at the Priory campus. So? I wish there were more opportunities for Dominican students to interact with them. I think it could be good for both parties. And I think many DU students would be interested in doing so. But other than a few classes, like global communications, not much is being done to get the two groups together.

"I sometimes feel more removed than I want to be," said Fair.

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